Laser Dentistry

The Biolase dental laser is probably the most exciting device in dentistry today. For many years, companies have been working on a dental laser to replace the dental drill. We have evaluated some of these in the past and were not impressed. About five years ago Biolase developed a "water laser" for dental applications. The laser uses a combination of laser energy and water spray to remove decay and prepare teeth for fillings. No more whine and vibration of the drill. But that's not the best part. For most patients, there's no need for anesthesia. That's right. No shot, no drill. Now you see why we're excited.

The laser can also be used to treat sensitive areas of teeth around the gum line. Many people have small notches in their teeth at the gum line that are uncomfortably sensitive to touch or to cold. It's not the whole tooth, but a specific spot. These areas respond well to laser desensitization treatments.

Even though the laser is a very expensive piece of equipment, there is not additional cost for its use. We made the investment because we feel it makes for a better dental experience for our patients. We are always looking for ways to make dental treatment easier, and if not actually enjoyable, at least less uncomfortable.

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