Ceramic Crowns

Beautiful Restoration of Your Natural Smile

Cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth can be "capped" with ceramic crowns, restoring your natural, healthy-looking smile. Designed to fit snugly and function as normal teeth, crowns protect your teeth from further damage while preserving the correct alignment of your jaw's natural bite.

Material Matters.
While many dentists use gold or porcelain, we recommend ceramic for several reasons. First, consider that we're creating a surface that must withstand tremendous, ongoing pressure. Of course it's wise to use a material that maintains its structural integrity, shape and appearance regardless of this kind of stress. Under pressure, metals can crack, change shape, and shift, allowing decay to seep underneath. Plus, they're just not natural looking. But ceramic has the strength and bonding integrity to stand up under continuous stress. And with ceramic, we're able to create crowns that match your original teeth in color, shape and translucency. Restoring a truly natural smile.

Precise Production.
Depending on the degree of restoration required, we typically design and fit crowns in two simple steps: preparation and application. First, Dr. Carano will carefully numb your mouth and prepare the problem teeth by gently removing the outer portion. With the care and expert judgment resulting from years of experience, he'll eliminate any decayed areas and create the proper shape and size to accommodate your crowns. Next, he'll take a precise mold or impression of your teeth and send it to our professional dental laboratory. There, under Dr. Carano's ongoing supervision, the lab will carefully produce your crowns for a precise, custom fit. Typically, this production process requires one to two weeks, during which we'll protect your teeth and gums by fitting you with temporary acrylic resin crowns.

Accurate Application.
Once your crowns are ready, Dr. Carano will remove your temporary crowns, then carefully fit and adjust the permanent ones into place. Then he'll spend time with you, evaluating your appearance, the crown's color match, bite discrepancies, and accuracy of fit, before finally cementing them to each of the prepared teeth. Once he's permanently applied the crowns, you'll want to conscientiously brush and floss them to protect the base from bacterial growth that leads to gum disease. And finally, you'll need to maintain good professional care of your crowns through regular dental check-ups with us.

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