Now You'll Never See Our Very Best Work

The difference between night & day
As a cosmetic dental practice, a key part of our work involves creating esthetically pleasing changes in people's smiles. Until now, that meant going through a painstakingly complex process of trial and error, as we endeavored to match restorative or cosmetic work to the remaining, natural teeth. Of course, excellent materials, experience and a good working relationship with a dental lab helped ensure good matches. But now, the revolutionary new technology 'SpectroShade' eliminates the previous variables and enables us to create work that's truly invisible. So the real you shines through.

The difference between estimation & digitization
Instead of relying on human estimation, the accuracy of which varies with time of day, surrounding oral environment, and available light sources, 'Spectroshade' technology uses optics. Two digital cameras are linked to a spectrophotometer within a state-of-the-art computer system. The device takes a reading directly from the patient's existing teeth, then provides Dr. Carano with a reference to the closest available shade, displaying precise value, chroma, and hue information. It's not only accurate, but entirely consistent, and extremely fast. So you sit in the chair less, and enjoy your new smile more.  

The difference between complex & streamlined
SpectroShade also provides a means of seamless, complete communication about your case between our office and the dental lab. Rather than having to transfer paperwork, notes, and complex shade information, Dr. Carano simply sends the complete set of data via email or CD-ROM: including the entire case plan, images, spectral data and any additional notes. In fact, he can even write directly on the tooth image itself to indicate particular areas of concern. All of which helps the lab to make appropriate materials decisions.

SpectroShade: enabling us to match your teeth so perfectly, you'll never be able to see our very best work.materials and shade systems.

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